Hello and welcome to Starters, a simply named Pokémon-themed web-ring. This website serves as a directory for websites dedicated to all generations of the starter Pokémon. A part of The Dynamism Network and Everstone, Starters was opened in late 2014 just for fun.
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The current layout features absolutely freakin' adorable artwork of all of the starters from Generation 1 through 6. The images were all illustrated by the very talented kevkeaf at deviantart.com and can be found separated by generation at the provided link. The wooden background pattern is from subtlepatterns.com and the featured font is called Bebas Kai.

In this section, you can find all of the members of this web-ring. The faded images indicate that the pictured starter does not have a listed website, while the opaque images suggest the opposite. When you click on the opaque images, you will be directed to the website dedicated to that particular Pokémon. Enjoy!







If you have a starter Pokémon related website/tribute, please do not hesitate to join this web-ring. If you would like to add your website to this list, please contact me at this e-mail address with the subject "Starters Addition" and supply your name, contact information, and the url to your tribute.

If you have a tribute to an evolved form of one of these starters, I will gladly add your website as well. Finally, if you would like to affiliate with Starters, please contact me. As an affiliate, your website will be listed in the section below this one. Thank you for your interest!

In this section, you will find a small list of other Pokémon-related web-rings/directories that have affiliated with Starters. You will also find link back codes for both websites that have joined this web-ring and for those who simply wish to link back to us. Thank you for your visit, and I hope you enjoyed your stay!

* I will provide this code with your highlighted starter when you join.



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