Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting! Welcome to the world of Pokémon!

Hello and welcome to Everstone, a blatant display of nerd pride collective used to showcase Vii's eternal love for all things Pokémon. A part of The Dynamism Network, Everstone was opened in late 2014 on a total whim. This website serves as nothing more than a glorified directory to all of the Pokémon-related fansites and fanlistings that I have created over the years, whether they be about certain characters or the adorable little monsters themselves. Navigation can be found above and should be rather self-explanatory. Thank you for your visit, and I hope that you enjoy your stay. :)
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The current layout features a vector Pokéball, silhouettes of some of my favorite Pokémon scattered throughout, and a design in a minimalistic style that I like to refer to as Pokéchic. Why did I choose to use a Pokéball rather than an actual Everstone, you ask? Simple, my friend. An Everstone is just a stone. A plain rock. That wouldn't look very epic, would it? Come to think of it, how do the citizens of the various regions even know the difference between an Everstone and a regular ol' rock on the ground? I suppose it's just one of the various unexplainable mysteries of the Pokémon world.