The reasons why.

When Pokémon Gold and Silver came out in the US, I was ten years old. I had just spent the past year and half playing my sister's Blue version, and then my very own Yellow. And when Gold and Silver came out, it was like the magic from the first games was placed into a whole new adventure. The second time I ever got to choose my starter Pokémon, I chose Cyndaquil. My sole reason? Because it was just so freakin' cute. It helped that it ended up being powerful and it's evolutions were cute too. The Johto region has to be my favorite out of all of the regions so far, as of Gen. VI. I'm certain that was due in part to having my trusty Cyndaquil by my side. I did play a couple of times with trying Chikorita, whom I also adore, and Totodile, but it just wasn't the same. It didn't feel right. I just loved Cyndaquil too much to have any other starter.

Cyndaquil represents a certain type of magic that is difficult to describe. It represents a virtual journey that felt more real to me as a child than even the hyper-realistic video games of today. It represents new discoveries and fun adventures, and even reminds me that arduous treks in the game were fun as long as I had the right creatures alongside me. It may sound cheesy, but these are things that were very important to me as a child, and they still are today.

On top of that, just look at that chubby little critter and tell me it's not one of the cutest things you've ever seen in your life. Because it most definitely is.