Evolution information.

As a starter, the player will always receive their Cyndaquil when it is at level five. The exception to this is when a player might breed for a Cyndaquil, in which case it will hatch and be at level one. Cyndaquil has a medium slow leveling rate, the standard format for most starters. It doesn't really take much effort to train it, just battling whatever you may encounter. It has the most stout body and the longest snout of all of it's forms.

When Cyndaquil reaches level fourteen, it will evolve into Quilava. This particular level is unusual, as most starters evolve into their second forms at the level of sixteen. The only other exception to this rule is Totodile, which evolves at level eighteen. When Cyndaquil evolves into Quilava, it's body becomes leaner and longer, more accurately representing a honey badger's body shape. It's snout actualy becomes shorter, and it's eye open up. It still emits fire from various spouts on it's body, though they have been moved to the top of it's head and it's lower back. Quilava receives a stat boost upon evolving, so it is stronger than Cyndaquil. I like to think of it as the "teenager" form of this particular Pokémon's evolutionary chain, because it's not quite as cute as Cyndaquil (though it's still super adorable!) but not quite as intimidating as Typhlosion.

Once Quilava reaches level thirty-six, the standard level for starters to evolve into their third forms, it will evolve into Typhlosion, Cyndaquil's third and final evolutionary form. It retains Quilava's longer body shape, though it becomes larger and more stocky. It's face becomes more narrow and pointed, and it's eyes are smaller and more serious. Of the three forms, it's appearance is the most menacing. Typhlosion also inherits the fire-spouting traits, only this time the spouts have been relocated to the back of it's neck, this time resembling a high and regal collar. As of now, Typhlosion does not have a Mega-Evolution, though I think it might just be a matter of time before it gets one because it's a pretty epic Pokémon.