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Welcome to Heatstorm, a small tribute to the adorable little fire mouse Cyndaquil from Nintendo's insanely popular video game and animanga series Pokémon. Cyndaquil first revealed it's cuddly little self in the second generation of the games, in Pokémon Silver and Gold. It is introduced as one of the three starters that the player chooses from in the beginning of the games. The Johto region is probably my favorite out of all the regions so far, and I think it was due in part to having a Cyndaquil by my side.
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You are currently browsing version three of Heatstorm. I wanted something simple but dynamic that would allow for the right amount of content since I was adding a tribute onto the fanlisting. The previous layout could have worked with some modifications, but I wanted a new look for the new content. Resources used are from FEEL, 9-liters-of-art@dA, and subtlepatterns. The adorable featured artwork was created by Huiro@dA.