The reasons why I love Bulbasaur.

I was at the perfect age when the Pokémon video games first came out. I was nine when I first played my sister's Blue version, and selected a Bulbasaur for myself. Now, at the age of nine, I wasn't exactly a master strategist, so Bulbasaur was the best choice for me. He was effective against Brock, got me through the horrible trek that was Mt. Moon, and still went on to defeat Misty's team. He was even pretty good against Lt. Surge's team, with his electricity resistance. He was an easy choice, but I didn't know that the very first time I chose him. I just picked what I thought looked the cutest, though from what I remember, it was a toss-up between Bulbasaur and Charmander. (Sorry Squirtle - you're cute too, promise!) Ultimately I chose Bulbasaur, and I never looked back.

For me, Bulbasaur holds a tremendous amount of sentimental value. Out of 700+ Pokémon it would be easy to have a mass amount of favorites, and I do, but Bulbasaur still is, and will always be, my top favorite. If Nintendo made the announcement that they were making real, robotic Pokémon and everyone got to choose a starter, I'd still pick Bulbasaur first. In game, he is strong and reliable and adorable. Outside of the games, he is a symbol of a major turning point in my life, when I decided to like the things I wanted to rather than what everyone told me to.

For me, Bulbasaur will always be my #001.