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Welcome to Overgrow, a small tribute to the adorable little plant creature Bulbasaur from Nintendo's widely popular video game and animanga series Pokémon. Bulbasaur first showed that huggable little visage in the late 1990s in the franchise's very first installments, Pokémon Red and Blue (Green), as one of the three starters that the player chooses from in the very beginning. To many Pokémon beginners at the time, just like me, he was their very first Pokémon ever.
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You are currently browsing version one of Overgrow. It features artwork of Bulbasaur that I found on Google, but for the life of me can't seem to track down the artist. If you happen to know, please tell me? Resources used are from 9-liters-of-art@dA, 99mockingbirds, and subtlepatterns. I wanted something simple and clean that would show off Bulbasaur's adorableness~ :3 For some reason, I find green difficult to work with in webdesign. Maybe I'm just weird.